Surface Mining, 2015
HD video, stereo sound, 20'04"

The video is a kind of "experiment of peeling presence", using general and subjective elements of reality. Under the superficial layer of small everyday moments it is possible to find ideologies a new meaning. These moments – which are taken of contest – assume a type of subsurface layer which this work seeks to explore. Decision and will as a moving bubble between simple facts. There are soft transitions between massive layers which makes every crossing comfortable. Occasional and little material movements on screen. Continuously saturation of phenomena in human life creates a perceptual pause similarly to a heart attack shock. This short pause makes rapidly a perspective on presence.

Kettő (Two), 2014
color, High-Definition video, stereo sound, 8'32"

The video entitled Kettő (Two) is an experiment for the subjectivity and the universality. These two notions have a kind of tension, which come from the everyday life. Basically these elemental and determinant processes are really problematical. The visual and audial contrast moves on a wide horizon of dynamic. This work is like a conglomerate of impressions and mental projections. We can find the general obscurity of life in these short sequences. The duality and singularity of the macro- and micro-world makes a special life position. If we dismiss the everyday hypocrisy we can slip easily into an isolated but positively reflective aspect. Sound is analogous the acousmatic music and the picture has a shape of pure natural affect. 

Wondermaking is the primary dislocating channel of the bored customworld, 2013
color, High-Definition video, stereo sound, 18'22"

Some picture and sound procession can broke suddenly for the viewer. Such a basis, every art-making processes and every artworks will be dislocating and the aim will be to make dislocating channels in human life. In the video we can see through the ostensibly incoherent pictures and sounds. Anyway some part of the video can stand separately. The grammatically incorrect hungarian word ”tehetetlen” – in English incapable – is disappear in a scene. The situation, when the ”tehetetlen” word written on a wooden table – not incidentally with a spelling mistake – might be nonsense. The inability turned to itself when the person seems can not write the word: incapable. Finally we get an life-belt, what is hide this word.

Ephemeral, 2011
color, experimental film, stereo sound, 10'23"

My first experimental film tries to go on an alternative-narrative way. The history of the video could spin around my childhood, which gone into a kind of timeless situation in Szentendre's subjective cultural atmosphere. We can hear a basically improvised piano playing under the scenes. The old piano stool’s creaking sound have equally value as the normal piano sounds. Some picture details appear which bring some particulars into the foreground that are often hidden in the space and in time. The apparent emptiness at night and defensive closure in the daytime separate the film into two equal half. In this video I try to focus on small happenings of "humanless" time on the streets.