Alma, 2021
multichannel audio composition, 3'03"

It consists of a Doppler-like bloom of swinging, rapidly accumulating sound bubbles that oscillate in the deep pillars and phases of the first climbing part. The second stage is made up of the “held” sounds of the Babel polyphony of speech syntheses and the repetitions of female tones that sometimes move on the eight channels - to which the thick carpet of the third stage simply falls. The third stage is the unfolding of the first ascending part, in a synthetic forest amplitude and space produced in a synthetic way “trying” to be rich in woolly organicness, reminiscent of mushroom yarns. Then the final stage, which is the bursting of the spore-bearing cases, the decomposition, “multiplication” and spatial distribution of the whole piece.
You can listen a binaural version of the etude (headphones recommended).

Before, 2019
electroacoustic composition, 8 channel, 8'18"

According by my video sudy called 'Aleph', I have composed a multi-channel piece for pre-speaking human voice from Swedish and Norwegian radio morning-shows and podcasts. I have manually grabbed every piece of voice before words to create a sonic environment from them. You can listen a binaural version of the piece (headphones recommended).

at the same time, 2014
electroacoustic composition, 2 channel, 8'33"

This piece which mainly contains cello and environmental sounds reflect to the basic temporary self-substantial attitude and constant transcendent perspective. The impossibility of "at the same time" only can be in the human's mind, we just imagine the "other" place and time. Moreover our reaction-time destroy the possibility of simultaneously. It is assume the fact of separative substance of objects and organic material. The sounding approximate to silence in the middle of the piece. In the end appears the strongly fell aparts cello which makes pseudo-repeating patterns randomly. It turns our slowly "sightseeing" into a hectic day and makes an applicable contrast.

(B)ridge, 2012
acousmatic music piece, 2 channel, 9'19"

In a certain distance from any kind of city, sound able to become fluid and homogeneous. (B)ridge is a two-channel, freely composed tape-music contains digital recorded sounds and computer-generated pure sine tone. In this piece I worked with sound cutting, transposing, reversing and stretching. Environmental noises are creating a musical atmosphere, which instance to the urbanisation, and at the same time refer to the title of the work. In that acousmatic music composition I used concrete and textural sounds in a wide spectrum of frequency. Despite of the manipulation the recorded sounds hold their natural character.


Kamon Kardamom
collaboration with Bálint Bolcsó and Orsolya Kaincz

Kamon Kardamom is an experimental electronic improvisation trio by Bálint Bolcsó, Máté Labus and Orsolya Kaincz on objects and electronics, established in 2020.

performance in an attempt
collaboration with Erina Kawachi

Erina Kawachi (visual/performance) and Máté Labus (sound/performance) artists' project called "performance in an attempt" is a spontaneous performance cooperation founded in 2020.