What are you looking for, 2016
video performance co Zsófia Papp, two-channel sound, 6'44"

Video movement performance based on a kind of pseudo-scientific ground analysis. The actuality of prehistoric times in the present – and materials of human being in biological circulation – reflect on the changeable but conteptually equivalent ground. The individual who effectively stands and lives on the ground – for example sometimes cannot escape from hearing – must be social and forced to the others. Work, energy and material transmitted and received; trades as a part of biodiversity. He or she finds the potential partial of collective thought-network in his/her companion. To hold each other is entirely axiomatic and prehistoric accurately independent from the history.

Sleep-Paint, 2015
video performance and installation without sound, acrylic on canvas, 00'36"

The final result of the video performance is a body painting caused by a few hours sleeping on canvas. Paint drying slowly on the body, it entails cooling. Therefore it is necessary to increase the room's air temperature constantly and it react as speed up the process of drying. The work had an exceptional role on "so-called", my second solo exhibition in 2015. It took place in the exhibition space as performative space right before the opening event. Every moments in a human life is a temporary vestige. Small traces of our everyday activities unable to become "fossils" without the help of men. The study of the imprint of a human sleep seems like an extension of time of a footprint.

roolit ja kuolema ovat vihreita (roles and death are green), 2014
performance in CKH Baroque Pavilion, Pécs, Hungary

This performance was a kind of “overture” of my first independent exhibition entitled roolit ja kuolema ovat vihreita (roles and death are green). The installation space – where the performance happened – included a bucket planted corn seedling, a baroque style old shirt and scissors. The performance didn’t devoid of self-analysis based on social, anthropomorphic roles from the everyday life. The men’s “aesthetical” and narcissistic behavior obscured the entity of life. I cut and beautify the leaves which looks “better and better“ until the plant was killed by my aesthetical viewpoint. The space reborn as an installation after the event with the trace of the men.