Aleph, 2016
video etude, mono sound, 2'39"

In this short etude-like video I collect short moments right before the human speaking. We cannot to measure time completely between the "ripe" thought and the first voice of answer. In this time people often make voices which are almost without exception inarticulate, includes sustaining attention behavior as the way of human voice. There are some spontaneous silence points during this time, nevertheless these silences are full of waiting and exciting. In this case the aleph – counter to the original meaning: first letter of ancient alphabets – is the voice before the answer and means vacuum with full of energy between thoughts and speaking.

Release, 2013
study, color, HD video, stereo sound, 14'01"

In this work I tried to made an artwork which by-pass exact sensibility. The sound was never played – not either in piece and not whole – during the editing. Accordingly the process of the composing transpose into a visual sensation level of the sound, and by the way the mental conception could get real roles. The picture – already during the shooting – was made in blind way, without any kind of control. The shooting was totally blinded, closed eyes in random places with random settings in Rovaniemi. The direct control- loosing method in sound and picture can discover new areas on the working-process unknown territory for me. The different kind of sound visualisations and analysing helped me during the composing.

Pilis Soundscapes, 2011
study, horizontal panoramic sonification, 9'36"

Experimental and sonifical composition for landscapes of the Pilis-Visegrádi Mountains. Some 360° panorama images were taken on various points of the hills and glades of Pilis. The horizontal silhouette of mountains and trees gives a short digital waveform cycle. In an optimal resolution – from one panorama picture – we get only a few millisecond noise loop. Several sonificated sound of landscapes could became a collective "sound-scape". This study tries to translate an usual perception method into an unknown audial language. During the listening of Pilis soundscapes we can have an particular insight look of the complexity of Pilis forests in another way.