Lick, 2018
cones, dimensions variable

Time-based ad-hoc installation on a path of a forest in Budapest. For a few days on a footpath close to the city appear a lot of cones. They don't want to go anywhere, don't want to do anything just bend on the rhythm of soft rain. Sleep on the ground when dawn is come. Some of them are lying on each other, hold each other. For the end of the week they are totally disappear.
Just lick the ground; your ground, our ground!

Useful-Decoration Hands, 2015
parallel video diptych, no sound, dimensions variable 87'55''

Human hands as the first tactile tool of perception always coupled with an aesthetical function. What happens when hand lost its functionality? One side of the parallel projected video installation we can see totally unfunctional hands. It tries to play its basic role: the function of holding or touching. This attempt take place in a forest immediately after a local natural disaster. Every tree's branches broke off under a threshold level of the diameter. This meant a extraordinary subjective surrealistic landscape for the unfunctionality of hands. On the other side, there are an understated ostentation of the decorativity of hands. It progressively lost its coherence between hypocrisy and gesture.

Unnamed, 2014
sound installation, pigsty, ground, audio player, stereo sound, 30'38"

The audio installation was a part of a collective exhibition – Dutch and Hungarian contemporary artists together – which entitled Compartments, organised by the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, the programme series of "DACS Hollandia, királyság!". The Unnamed sound installation contains a pure clock tick sound with local environmental tiny sounds (morning sounds of countryside). It's reflect to the consistency and the fleeting method of locality. During traveling people are stay in several places temporarily, moving is continuous. The "single" space-specific sound installation was presented in an empty pigsty on Pécsbagota, Hungary.